Welcome to the design & development consultancy specialising in design, function & style

  • bosshammerPRO is a design consultancy specialising in the design and development of functional bags and pacs, for both fashion and sport - function is key in all our work.
  • since January 2000, we have been providing freelance operations and design work on a great variety of products for many of the world’s leading sports, outdoor and fashion companies.
  • bosshammerPRO works closely with Product Management and Development teams in order to guarantee efficient and successful range creation and implementation.
  • we provide freelance operations for all requirements as we supporting small start-up labels as well as well-known brands such as adidas and congeneric.
  • due to our inherently commercial outlook, we have a great track record in designing commercially-successful products for our customers.
  • we produce excellent quality products to tight deadlines at competitive prices due to the excellence of our designers and our low overheads.

bosshammerPRO philosophy

stands for PROject | PROduct | PROcess | PROgress | PROfound | PROductivity | and we always challenge ourselves by providing the most up-to-date support when it comes to combining fashion, performance, sports, lifestyle, luggage, urban and travel.