Meeting the needs of our customers is the target we focus on. We meticulously ensure that products, in different markets, are consistent with the parent brand.
In each market, we look at the strengths and weaknesses of the brand and work hard to continuously improve the product offering in those markets.

At bosshammerpro we act beyond pure design and development consultancy. Various companies make use of our specialised expertise and profit through our wide knowledge with sensational outcomes.

The process involves:

  • Market | Trend | Product | Competition | Consumer Research.
  • Consulting support for in-house design and product teams to improve and optimise the appearance of their brands in national and international markets.
  • Working in close interaction with Product Management and Development Teams in order to guarantee efficient and successful range creations, implementation.
  • Support in building or improving a team of designers which works successfully and efficiently with the product manager team.
  • Coordinating and optimising internal processes between Design, Development and Product Management.
  • Supporting new brands to bring exciting new products to market.
  • Analysing product strategy and consistency in order to meet consumer and market needs.