“A great design is worth nothing if executed by poor development.”

At bosshammerpro we carefully analyse the challenge. Then we take it all the way through from first detailed product needs via first prototyping to a finalized prototype in its specific execution.

There are various development steps you might require:

  • Detailed development tech packs.
  • We can include fabrics, accessories, trims and measurements proposals for product team and suppliers.
  • Communicate development details and ongoing product updates | changes to product team and suppliers.
  • Work closely and maintain a continuous communication with you and our chosen manufacturing partner/s.
  • Consider manufacturing processes and suitable factories to achieve a successful prototyping and bulk production.
  • Develop to set design and business margins | cost targets.
  • Experienced in various fabrics from Nylons to Leather.
  • Evaluation of European production vs. Asian production.
  • 3-D modelling if required.
  • Prototype testing | product sample testing can be undertaken in-house | external experts can be arranged.